Roland TAIKO-1

$ 1,499.99


W:430mm 16-59/64 inch

D:430mm 16-59/64 inch

H:521mm 20-33/64 inch

Weight  4.5Kg/9lb 14oz (excluding AC adapter)

 ※Please note that this product cannot be canceled.

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Standard Features

  • Premium electronic taiko instrument, based on the katsugi okedo daiko
  • Versatile sound engine provides a wide selection of Japanese percussion instruments, including okedo daiko, nagado daiko, shime daiko, and more
  • Dual-zone, three-ply mesh heads on both ends provide natural playability and acoustically quiet performance for practice with headphones
  • Roland’s positional sensing technology accurately reproduces natural tonal differences across the playing surfaces
  • 35 cm in diameter, about the same size as a 1.5 shaku okedo taiko
  • Weighs 4.5 kg/9 lb., similar to a normal katsugi okedo daiko
  • Quick and simple disassembly for carrying convenience
  • Play your own sounds by importing WAV audio via USB memory
  • Drum for up to five hours with eight AA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
  • Built-in ji-uchi backing patterns for practice and performance
  • Bluetooth function for playing along with music wirelessly from your smartphone
  • Fits on a standard taiko stand for fuse-uchi playing styles (drum vertical on the floor)